Maxine Aaronson, Attorney at Law
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I want to say thank you so much again for all you did for me last year and since. You were there for me when I really needed a helping hand and an encouraging voice, and I will always be grateful to you for that. I am so glad my CPA recommended you to me and that you were willing to take me on, when you could have easily said no.  I will not soon forget your help, your expertise and your kindness. If I can ever be of assistance or service to you in any way, please know that I would be ready willing and honored to respond, just as you responded to me.


I do so appreciate all your effort and for “going the extra mile” for me on this matter.  Many thanks for all your efforts on my behalf.

J. P. H.

It was my pleasure to meet you this morning. I greatly appreciate your candor and your positive comments regarding helping me to clean this mess up!


Recognizing the many ways in which God blesses me, I must thank Him for sending you in my time of need.  Thanks to your intervention, we now have a better control of the financial aspects of the practice and stay current with the required documentation and reports….I believe that you have done an outstanding job at steering the necessary process of the audit. Thank you also for working so hard with my tax accountant.

Dr. A. R.

Thank you for taking such good care of me when I sold my insurance agency. I knew at the time that you had done a good job for me. That conviction was reinforced when the buyer called me up less than a year later to try to get me to subordinate my note to his new bank loan.  Fortunately, I called you before I signed anything. Because of the provisions that you put into the original closing documents, we were able to turn his request into an opportunity to get the note paid off early.  I really appreciate all your help and will refer you to anyone I know that may need this type of legal counsel.

L. B. M.

When we hired you to help our nonprofit corporation, we’d already spent several years with two different C.P.A.s trying to straighten out our payroll tax accounts at the IRS.  You were able to figure out how the biggest problem started – an IRS posting error several years before – and get the government to correct it.  Once they did that, we were comfortable that the remaining amounts showing due were right. We took responsibility for our share of the errors as we always intended to do and promptly paid the account in full.  We would recommend you without hesitation to any client who needed your amazing expertise.

P. T. W.

When we seemed to have no other alternative you were recommended by a good friend. Thank you so much for your hard work in helping us resolve our tax issues. You will always be highly recommended by us. Your work and professionalism was exemplary.

M. C.

Dear Maxine,
Thank you so very much for your patient, kind, and expert handling of my matter.  I have been very impressed with your talents as an attorney…You have been so helpful and understanding. I am so glad that your name was given to me. You have accomplished in a little over four months what I have been trying to get done in a year and a half. That just proves that you need the right person for the job.

P. M.

My first prayer was answered in finding you to help Greg and me…The stress this IRS thing has put us under has been horrible…My gratefulness to you as always is in abundance.

C. S.

I just wanted to say thank you for your guidance and counsel. I greatly appreciate your help. I am very glad that you are on my team!

K. L. N.

Maxine –
I trust you know how much I appreciate all you have done for me. Even more I appreciate you for your concern and thoughtfulness.

Dr. C. W.

Dear Maxine,
I cannot express how much we both appreciate you. Your knowledge, confidence & professional advisement is amazing. Thank you also for your care & concern – that really kept me going!

G. B.

You are always easy to talk to. You address my fears without dismissing them or enlarging them. Thank you for such a gift of communication seasoned with empathy.

J. B.

Dear Maxine,
I do appreciate all the time, care, and patience you have shown me in this harrowing endeavor, along with, of course, your professional help.  God bless you.

M. W.

Your professional services, including advice, research and counsel have guided me through a difficult time in my life. Thank you for everything!

G. F.

Thank you for your assistance, patience and compassion, Maxine.

P. F.

Dear Maxine,
Mere words cannot express the depth of our gratitude. You took our hands and helped us take the action we needed to remove a weight on our minds — giving us and leaving us with a peace of mind we have not had in a long time. We will not forget you. Mahalo Nui Loa – a sincere Hawaiian thank you.

N. & J. F.