Maxine Aaronson, Attorney at Law
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What Mediation Participants are Saying…

“The skill set necessary to facilitate and successfully conclude a mediation involving complex business claims, and the high-end egos of the trial counsel involved, is a rare commodity. Maxine Aaronson is one of a handful of such professional mediators with whom I trust the expenditure of time and effort to resolve our litigation.”

Paul S. Mudrich,
Chief Legal Officer
Marcus & Millichap

“Maxine Aaronson is an insightful problem solver who has the intelligence, tenacity and ability to facilitate the resolution of complex business disputes, accounting issues, and real estate litigation, among other matters. I am thankful that a judge had the foresight to appoint Maxine as mediator on one of my cases seven years ago. She always adds value to my clients’ cases.”

Craig A. Albert
Chairman, Litigation Section
Cherry Petersen Landry, P.C.

“I truly appreciate your dogged pursuit of settlement in this matter.”

Theodore J. Riney
Riney Packard PLLC

“I have mediated a number of cases using Maxine Aaronson as a mediator. I have found her to be prepared, knowledgeable, innovative, and able to portray to all sides the strengths and weaknesses of their respective positions. Her follow through is very helpful in reaching closure of the matters at hand.”

Joe H. Staley, Jr.
Law Offices of Joe H. Staley, PC

“Maxine Aaronson is a mediator committed to results. She takes the extra time and effort to understand not just the case, but the parties’ needs and motivations. Maxine brings both her experience and her unique sense of perception to the mediation process.”

Ernest W. Leonard
Friedman & Feiger, L.L.P.

“Maxine, I want to thank you for all your patience and persistence mediating our eminent domain cases. Your extensive knowledge of the process was a very valuable factor in our ability to reach a satisfactory conclusion. Your objectivity and expertise are much appreciated and I am looking forward to mediating more cases with you in the future.”

Florentino Ramirez, Jr.
Ramirez & Associates, P.C.