Maxine Aaronson, Attorney at Law
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Aaronson Chairs UT Tax Conference

Maxine Aaronson has been selected to serve as the Presiding Chair of the 2012 Annual Federal Taxation Conference at the University of Texas in Austin. In its 60th year, the Taxation Conference covers the latest in tax regulations and policy, and looks ahead to proposed and prospective tax legislation.

The 2012 Conference covers the latest updates in tax regulation and policy.  Marty McMahon and Ira Shepard will be speaking on Recent Developments in Federal Income Taxation, and Karen Hawkins, Director of the Office of Professional Responsibility at the Internal Revenue Service, will address Current Issues at OPR. Additional topics include: ethics and the tax practitioner, the role of a CPA in a criminal tax investigation, updates on the Texas margin tax, federal tax penalties, FBAR and other foreign tax compliance issues, drafting and interpreting distribution and allocation provisions in partnership agreements, pitfalls in drafting buy-sell agreements for closely held businesses and federal tax income issues arising in the acquisition and disposition of S Corporations.

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