Maxine Aaronson, Attorney at Law
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Aaronson Speaks on ADR in Tax Matters

Maxine Aaronson will speak on Ethical Issues that Arise When Using ADR in Tax Matters at the Standards of Tax Practice Committee, ABA Joint Fall Meeting of Taxation and Real Property, Probate and Trust Law Sections, October, 21, 2011. Aaronson joins the Honorable Peter J. Panuthos, Chief Special Trial Judge, US Tax Court, Paul L. B. McKenney of  Varnum LLP and David A. Conrad, Senior Counsel, Office of Chief Counsel, IRS (Denver) for a practical discussion of ethical issues involved in using alternative dispute resolution in tax cases. the focus of the program will be on problems that can arise from the inconsistent confidentiality rules in the federal court system and on ethical issues involved in the selection of mediators and arbitrators.